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Remedial Massage Ellenbrook

Our Perth Remedial Massage Therapists focus on addressing specific treatment areas, which you may have injured, or be experiencing discomfort in. This is how Remedial Massage differs from other traditional forms of massage. It is a therapeutic form of massage it aims to identify and treat injured or dysfunctional muscles, tendons and joints. Remedial Massage is a hands on treatment that is applied through various massage and stretching techniques. Our Perth Remedial Massage Therapists may also offer advice in regards to home stretching and self release techniques. 

Consultations by our Perth Remedial Massage Therapists are performed in private treatment rooms located at our Harrisdale clinic. All of our Remedial Massage Therapists are fully qualified and have completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy. Clients are able to discuss their areas of concern, as well as preferred treatment pressure and techniques. 

Benefits of remedial massage

Whilst on the most part remedial massage aims to stimulate blood supply, assist increasing joint mobility, and facilitate in the repair damaged tissues, there are other benefits of remedial massage therapy.  Some of the benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy are: 

  • Assists in reducing pain associated with chronic pain conditions

  • Assists in reducing tension and tightness in muscles

  • Assists in reducing muscle pain relief and helps restore mobility and flexibility

  • Assists in decreasing risk of sports or soft tissue injuries

  • Stimulates blood flow and oxygenation

  • Assists in reducing swelling

  • Assists in improving joint mobility

  • Assists in reducing recovery time for both amateur and professional athletes

Our approach to treatment

Our Remedial Massage Therapists are trained in multiple massage styles. Given that our Remedial Massage Team aim to get you the best results, it is common to utilise a combination of these. It is important to remember that Remedial Massage is considered a complimentary therapy in our clinic, and if you have persistent, worsening or severe pain you should consult with a primary healthcare provider, such as our Chiropractors. Frequently you will find many patients utilise both professions however, and receive a Remedial Massage followed by a Chiropractic Adjustment. 

treatment options

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage + Dry Needling

Remedial Massage + Cupping

Pregnancy Massage


PLEASE NOTE: Due to booking continuity and cleaning standards all sessions are booked for 60 minutes, resulting in 50-55 minutes on the table. 

Our Massage Therapists



Diploma (Remedial Massage)

Treatment Options:

  • Remedial Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage




Diploma (Remedial Massage)

Treatment Options:

  • Remedial Massage

  • Dry Needling

  • Myofascial Cupping


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