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Work & Exercise, Not The Same Thing

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

When discussing physical activity and exercise with their patients, our Perth Chiropractors in Brabham will frequently be faced with a common objection. "I'm active at work so I don't need to exercise." Unfortunately, with the nature of your physical activity at work, it is not equivalent to exercise. Conversely, it actually has the opposite affect to that of exercise.

In a recent publication in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the authors discussed how this is not the case. They managed to narrow this down to six key reasons.

1. Occupational Physical Activity is at intensity too low and/or duration too low for maintaining or improving fitness and cardiovascular health.

2. Occupational Physical Activity elevates your 24-hour heart rate

3. Occupational Physical Activity elevates your 24-hour blood pressure

4. Occupational Physical Activity is generally performed without appropriate recovery time

5. Occupational Physical Activity is generally performed with decreased worker control

6. Occupational Physical Activity increases levels of inflammation

Now, all of these reasons listed above, are opposite to the affect specific leisure time exercise has. Exercise is an important component to every persons health, and our Perth Chiropractors are very strong advocates of this.

If you would like to know more, please head to the BJSM article here.

Holtermann A, Krause N, van der Beek AJ, et al

The physical activity paradox: six reasons why occupational physical activity (OPA) does not confer the cardiovascular health benefits that leisure time physical activity does

British Journal of Sports Medicine

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